Fall/Winter 2018 | FifeMagazine | 9 DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS The Development Agreement for the Grocery Store on the corner of 70th Avenue E and 20th Street E was adopted by Council on July 10th, 2018. The City is currently reviewing the civil plans to start moving dirt, installing utilities and frontage improvements. Three new residential developments are underway in Fife. 1. The Foxboro Subdivision received preliminary plat approval, and will be adding 36 new lots on 48th Avenue E, just east of 70th. 2. The Carrington Subdivi- sion also received prelim- inary plat approval and will be adding 34 new lots near Saddle Creek on Levee Road, just west of the Milroy Bridge. 3. The Fife Mixed-use project will add 34 new multi-family units on 20th Street, near the library and will also include retail spaces on the bottom floor accessed from 20th Street E. SR 99/54TH AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS Construction Start Date: May 2018 Anticipated End Date: Late Summer/Fall 2019 Project Overview: • Double left-turn lanes will be added on Pacific Highway (SR 99) at the 54th Avenue interchange. • New pedestrian and roadway lighting, pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, street trees, curbs and gutters will be added. • Enhanced stormwater treatment (less flooding) will be added. Recent Updates: • SR 99 is well underway, and the contractor is wrapping up installation of the joint utility trench for electrical and communications utilities on the east half of the project. The contractor will move to the west, near 54th next. • Contractor working hours are Monday–Thursday, 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Expect the right lane to be closed during working hours. • Contractor has completed the clearing and grubbing. What to Expect: • Lane closures and traffic delays should be expected. 66TH AVENUE E EXTENSION Construction Start Date: April Anticipated End Date: Completed! Project Overview: • A new street was built between 20th and 26th Streets, which allow drivers to reach Edgewood without using the busy intersection at 20th and 70th. • New sidewalks, illumination and signalization were added. • Storm drainage collection, conveyance, detention and treatment were also added. Mock-up of the new grocery store.