8 | FifeMagazine | Fall/Winter 2018 Public Works I t’s no secret that traffic in Fife is challenging. So, what are we doing to make it better? Read on to find out. Remember—the inconvenience of construction is temporary, but the improvements will be permanent. PORT OF TACOMA INTERCHANGE IMPROVEMENT PHASE 1 Construction Start Date: June 2018 Anticipated End Date: 2021 Project Overview: • Phase 1 of this project will modify the existing I-5 southbound off- and on-ramps. • The new I-5 southbound off-ramp will connect into a new 34th Street extension to alleviate traffic congestion at Port of Tacoma Road. • A new configuration of the I-5/POTR ramps will improve I-5 mainline operation. • Traffic queue lengths will be reduced from thousands of feet to only hundreds. What to Expect: • As construction progresses, varying lane, ramp and road closures should be expected. All closures will be noticed on our website and social media by Friday the week prior. Recent Project Updates: • Beginning in June, 34th Avenue E was reconfigured to one-way northbound, and 12th Street E was reconfigured to one-way westbound. This direction of traffic is permanent and part of the permanent traffic configuration. • The budget was overspent in the “clean-up of biohazards” line item by $30,000. While we’re still well within our contingency, that was the cost of cleaning up homeless camps. Road Improvement Projects