6 | FifeMagazine | Fall/Winter 2018 Parks Brookville Gardens Park B rookville Gardens Park, a former farm with a natural creek, was designed to honor the history of Fife and restore natural areas, as well as create a place where families can enjoy time together in a friendly and welcoming environ- ment. The park itself is designed to take advantage of the vistas of Mt. Rainier and takes cues from the his- tory of the land for its buildings and landscape architecture. RESTORATION— HEALTHY COMMUNITIES Within Brookville Gardens, Wapato Creek was restored to its natural state. Through careful management of sinuosity, the bend or curves in a stream, as well as flow rate, the speed at which water flows; constant movement of water is maintained in the creek throughout the year. The creek was cleared of debris, dredged to an appropriate depth for salmon and other wildlife, and re-planted with native vegeta- tion. A careful distance was main- tained on both sides of the creek to separate the creek from any devel- opment. This ensures that the creek will continue to evolve into a secure habitat for wildlife, and green area for park visitors. Brookville Gardens is considered a “green” park, not simply for the natural beauty, but also for the environmentally-friendly design and construction used to bring the park into being. Park buildings utilize green roofs, pervious asphalt paving in parking lots, and “grass-crete” in maintenance areas. Grass-crete is composed of cement blocks that permit grass and other plants to grow through holes, while also allowing water to percolate through back into the ground below. Green roofs help to restore habitat within the park controlling peak run-off— the amount of water being shed from a building during rain. PLAYING IN HISTORY AND NATURAL HABITATS At the farm play area, mock silos provide climbing areas, and wagons are play-things that remind visitors of Fife’s agriculture past. Planted areas around the edge of the park merge Fife’s history of farm- ing with native plants: normally wild plants are grown in rows as though for harvesting. Each season brings new plants into bloom and color, so that Brookville Gardens is beautiful year-round. Native plants such as dogwood and honeysuckle bring sensory treats of sights and smells, playing against the sound of Wapato Creek and wildlife in the park. The architecture of park buildings brings hints of the past into the pres- ent. Lap siding reminds us of farm buildings, and the stark, overhang- ing eaves bring in the simplicity of a Japanese temple. The dense plant- ings contrast with the clean lines of park buildings and add a visual resting point for visitors to the park. Visit in person: 6512 Valley Avenue E