12 | FifeMagazine | Fall/Winter 2018 Police W e finished off a great summer, kids are back in school, and the days are getting shorter. As we all get back into the swing of things, this is a friendly reminder that the school speed zones in Fife are enforced primarily by photo- enforcement. The speed zones have been inactive all summer and it is easy to get into a routine. Please pay close attention to the marked school zones, flashing lights and all of the pedestrians in or around our roads. Our goal is to have zero photo- enforcement tickets in our school zones. The reason why school speed zones are so important is because there is a significant difference a five- or 10-mile per hour increase in speed makes in a drivers’ ability to stop a vehicle in an emergency situation. A vehicle will travel 63 feet from the time a driver recognizes a hazard until the vehicle comes to a stop in an emergency braking situation. At 25 miles an hour that distance increases to 84 feet and at 30 miles per hour, the distance increases to 108 feet. Because of the shortened days that occur during the fall and winter months, it’s important that pedestrians and bicyclists wear bright clothing and additional lighting and reflective clothing to increase visibility and safety. I hope that you’ll join me at our next “Meet the Chief” event on October 30 at Dacca Barn. This is our opportunity to open the dialogue between residents and the Fife Police Department, learn more about our goals as a community and answer any questions you may have. The event is open-house style, so drop by anytime between 5–7 p.m. to chat. Families are welcomed and encouraged. See you on October 30, and at our Annual Halloween Carnival (more on page 14) on October 31. —Chief Fisher IF WE CAN’T REACH YOU WE CAN’T ALERT YOU Text PCALERT to 888-777 or call 253-798-6595 or visit www.piercecountywa.gov/ALERT PIERCE COUNTY ALERT! Public Safety Officials can send emergency messages to traditional landlines and cell phones that are registered with Pierce County Emergency Management. ALERT Poster.indd 1 7/26/2018 2:28:02 PM