b'Covid-19 ActionsWE WANT TO BRING YOU UP TO SPEED with a number of actions taken by theRESOURCESCity to increase safety and address the public health crisis we face. Below, youUnited Way Rental Relief FundWashington National Guard Deployed will find more information and resourcesinformation is available in multipleto assist Food Banks: There is a regarding the pandemic. languages. Washington National Guard liaison at the Due to high demand, United WayKing County EOC working with Logistics Clearly, this is a very challenging time forrecommends sending an Email toto assist with our county Food Banks. all of us. Safety has been our watchwordreceive a reminder on Monday morning.There have been a total of 68 National in all the actions we have taken. All of usrenthelp@uwkc.org Guardsmen deployed to 13 different have been challenged to assure for ourENGLISHlocations throughout King County. personal safety, the safety of our familieswww.uwkc.org/renthelp/The directive to all Food Banks is to and loved ones and for our customersAMHARIC: request resources through their City and colleagues at work. www.uwkc.org/renthelp-amharic/ Emergency Management Office. The City of Des Moines was early toKOREAN: State of WA Emergency Proclamation respond to COVID-19. After the acutewww.uwkc.org/renthelp-korean/ www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/20-05%20Coronavirus%20nature of events at the Kirkland seniorSPANISH: %28final%29.pdf?utm_facility, King County and the Statewww.uwkc.org/renthelp-spanish/ medium=email&utm_source=govdeliveryof Washington also moved forwardSOMALI: City of Des Moines Emergency aggressively to protect our state. Stepswww.uwkc.org/renthelp-somali/ Proclamationthat Des Moines took include the following: VIETNAMESE: www.desmoineswa.gov/ On March 5th, the City issued anwww.uwkc.org/renthelp-vietnamese/ DocumentCenter/View/4905/Emergency Proclamation regardingCHINESE: Proclamation-of-Emergency-COVID-19 www.uwkc.org/renthelp-chinese/ Coronavirus-COVID-19 The City instituted telecommuting options for eligible staff The City began closing City facilities One of our businesses in the Des to the public after trying out differentMoines Creek Business Park, scenarios for screening visitors Outdoor Research offered to refocusInitiated deep cleaning in our facilities. their assembly lines to assist withThe City closed all facilities to the public PPE needs Instituted daily health screenings for Governor Inslee made reference to employees at City facilities Outdoor Researchs efforts to assistThe Joint Emergency Operations Centerwhile he was being interviewed on (EOC) at Fire Station 67 (223rd andnational television24th) was activated. City staff (Shannon Des Moines City Council has been Kirchberg, our Emergency Preparednessmeeting telephonically and with Manager and Dan Brewer, Chieflimited agendas that conform to the Operations Officer) and other City staff,Governors rules that allow governance along with Des Moines Police and Southfunctions to continue.King Fire and Rescue coordinated their Public comment is provided in writing, response efforts through the EOC either by email to the City Clerk atThe activation of the EOC providesbwilkins@desmoineswa.gov or by enhanced communication andmail; Attn: City Clerk, 21630 11th coordination with partner agencies,Avenue S., Des Moines, WA 98198, King County Emergency Operationsor by participation via Zoom. Please Center, public health agencies andcontact the City Clerk for more others to provide a coordinatedinformation, or for instructions on response to COVID-19 how to provide oral public commentThe EOC is constantly working toduring Council meetings.assure the availability of Personal City Council agendas are also Protective Equipment (PPE) for ourconstrained by subjects relevant first responders to COVID-19 response and toWe have conducted daily briefings withmaintaining a functioning governmentthe EOC to identify outstanding issues,These are some of the significant steps we update status reports and identifyhave taken in response to COVID-19.future actionsDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | SUMMER 2020 | 7'