b"and Beach Park continue to be closed.centers, or homeless shelters, as these These steps were felt necessary to assureare typical areas of need. One could also By Mayor Matt Pina T he Coronavirus pan- compliance with six foot social distanc- order/purchase PPE (personal protection From theing recommendations and to help protectequipment). You might not receive the order Mayor our City. The Governor has said that if youright away, but the need will be around for need to drive to the park, the park is tooa fair amount of time. You can donate PPE far. We also know that most of our visitorsto first responder organizations, grocery that come to the Marina, Beach Park andworkers, food bank workers, neighbors or Redondo live outside the City. Our inten- other places where PPE helps keep people tion is to help flatten the curve of COVID-19safe. You can also support local businesses demic has been theinfections and fatalities. We appreciatethrough restaurant take-out and the pur-greatest challengethe continued support of our residents forchase of gift cards. A comprehensive list of we have faced in recenthaving to make these very difficult butlocal restaurants can be found in this issue memory, but I want younecessary changes. and on the Citys website. Alternatively, to know that even duringThe City Council is conducting meetingstake a moment to think about those who this time of worldwidetelephonically and per Governor Insleescut your hair or provide other services. crisis, the business of ourProclamation 20-28, relating to the OpenConsider purchasing gift cards for use at a City goes on. I want toPublic Meetings Act and Public Records Act,later date when businesses are back open. assure you that your City team is doingthe City Council has been very limited onIf contributing your time is more desirable, everything possible to provide you and allthe type of matters they can take action on. Ithere are several options for you: Volunteer our residents with the services that youlook forward to when Council will be able toat your local food bank. Oftentimes the expect, within the constraints establishedmeet all together again. need to help with packaging and delivering by the Governor and our public healthAt the time of writing this article, theto patrons is a greater challenge for them.officials.The focus of all our efforts andstate is still under Governor Inslees StayOffer to pick up groceries or prescrip-actions is safety first.Home-Stay Healthy order. We had to maketions for an elderly neighbor or high risk Here are some illustrations of wheresome tough decisions. Because we are stillperson. Check in on people just so they know we are as a result of the pandemic.uncertain about the coming weeks, wethey are being thought of, especially those On March 5, 2020, the City Managerhave decided to not print the Rec n Rollwho may live alone and dont have many issued a Proclamation of Emergency.Thissection of the City Currents. This sectionothers to talk to. Keep an eye on the older proclamation authorizes the City Managerusually advertises all classes, programsgeneration who are not necessarily com-to request any state or federal assistanceand special events through Parks, Recre- puter literate. They may need help to order needed as well as to take appropriate mea- ation & Senior Services. Since there areand pick up meals or household items.sures to respond to the threat of COVID-19many unknowns about what the limita- The key is to help those around you and to protect the public health and safetytions will be related to gatherings andin any way you can. Together, we will get of the Citys residents and employees. programs, decisions will need to be madethrough this. During these times our police officers,as more information is available. Our pri- I encourage all of you to stay informed, in cooperation with South King Fire & Res- mary concern in these decisions is alwayssafe and healthy. We are making positive cue, have been responding to emergenciesthe safety of our community. Staff willprogress, but now is the time to stay the jointly. The partnership between the twocontinue to work at navigating how we stepcourse and not let up on our efforts to pro-agencies helps to ensure all situations areinto summer. Please check our website andtect each other. On the following pages you addressed safely, protecting both the firstsocial media pages for any updates to ourcan learn more about the specific actions responders and our citizens. Our publicfuture classes, programs and activities. we have taken on behalf of our community.works employees continue responding toSome have asked how they can helpOur Community remains strong and roads that require action and permits areduring this time. Some are better able toresilient. I look forward to when we can still being processed to the greatest extenthelp monetarily and some better able toreturn to normal operations. possible, consistent with Governor Insleesoffer their time. It is up to the individual asStay safe,requirements for essential activities. Allto how they feel they can contribute. Matt Pina other essential functions of local govern- M Mayorment are still occurring. Please note thatConsider donating to the local foodCity of Des Moines, Washingtonbecause we are in uncharted territory andbaonnke, twaormilye:n and childrens shelters, senior trying to function in the face of a global pandemic, we are having to work in new,22207 7th Ave S Suite A Use Offer Code LOCAL30 at booking to receiveinnovative and safe ways. Des Moines, WA 98198 30% off any facial or full-set lash extensions.Currently, all City buildings are closedPhone: (206) 414-9979to the public and most employees have found ways to work remotely. I am proud of our staff in the way they have all continued to work hard for you, our residents. As part of Governor Inslee's Washington's Phased Approach to reopening businesses and modifying physical distancing measures some outdoor recreation activities have been opened (hunting, fishing, golf, boatingAestheticSpecialists.netopened and parking in the Redondo lot isMassage therapy | microblading & permanent cosmetics Self Care is and hiking).The Redondo beach has beenMedical Aesthetics | Advanced Skincare | Lash extensionstions at this time, single vehicles parkinga Lifestyle.restricted to truck and trailer combina-at Redondo and parking at the MarinaDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | SUMMER 2020 | 5"