b'Recn 2020SummerRoll Whats InsideEATS: Emergency Assistance To Seniors and Veterans2 Council Highlights4This issue of City Currents does From the Mayor5not contain the usual list ofActivity Center Message6upcoming Senior, Recreation andDes Moines Directory6Summer programs. At the time of thisCovid-19 Actions7writing, many factors that will enter into the decision about whether futureEconomic Development8programming and events can proceed are still unknown. The City will takeSupport Your Local Restaurants10into account the direction from our federal and state governments, andDomestic Violence11health officials in deciding when events and programs can resume. TheMinor Home Repair12Citys primary consideration in these decisions is always theStreet Banner Program12safety of our community. We look forward to celebratingBallpark Banner Program12with you once it is safe to do so. Stormwater Quality13Please check the Citys website at www.desmoineswa.govStorm Drain Marker Volunteers13for the latest information related to events and programs. Guide to Virtual Hangouts14MAY IS NATIONAL WATER SAFETY MONTHGreat learning opportunities available through Mount Rainier PoolH I S S U P E R P O W E R S H I S S U P E R P O W E R S D O NTW O R K I NWAT E RD O NTW O R K I NWAT E RKEEP YOUR LITTLE HEROESSAFE THIS SUMMERAlways swim with adult supervisonand never aloneWear a Coastguard approved life jacketinstead of water wingsLearn to swim: its the best steptoward staying safe around the waterEmail info@mtrainierpool.com to get online water safety tips for this summerMOUNT RAINIER POOL, DES MOINES POOL METROPOLITAN PARK DISTRICT cd22722 19th Ave S, Des Moines l 206.824.4722 | info@mtrainierpool.com @MTRAINIERPOOLDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | SUMMER 2020 | 3'