b'StormwaterQualityand SocialDistancing STORM DRAIN MARKER VOLUNTEER PROGRAMCome help make a difference in the community!Organizations or individuals can help raise public awareness, protect our water quality and reduce the amount of pollution by participating as a volunteer in our storm drain marking program. When it rains, water runoff collects oil, pet waste, grease, soaps and sediment, where it then enters into the storm drain system, polluting the surface water and the environment. You can spend as much time as you wish and choose the area you want to mark. Volunteers must be at least 15 years old. Instructions, maps and storm drain-marking supplies will be provided. For more information, contact Ben Stryker, Civil Engineerat (206) 870-6523 or bstryker@desmoineswa.gov or Janet Best, Volunteer Coordinator at (206) 870-6547.OUR MARKETIS OPENING! NEW COVID-19 PROTECTIONSWWW.DMFM.ORG WILL BE IN PLACEAND LEARN HOW TO PARTICIPATE WHILE TAKING THE DOG FOR A LOT OF WALKS these days? Remember to scoop everyGO TO: STAYING SAFEpoop and carry it to the trash. Stormwater carries the bacteria from pet waste into streams and rivers directly from the land and through the storm drains!Putting the kids to work washing the car?CEARTISAN D U FORemember to park on grass or gravelO OR Dwhere the water can soak into the ground.P SIts not just dirt that latches onto cars.Oil, gasoline, heavy metals, and othercontaminants find their way onto cars too.DES MOINESBy parking on grass or gravel while you wash helps prevent these pollutants fromWATERFRONTtraveling through the storm drains!Thank you for doing everything you canFARMERS MARKETto stay healthy, stay safe, and keep our Puget Sound clean. JUNE 6 - SEPT 269-10AM-SENIOR SHOPPERS10-2PM ALL SHOPPERS22625 DOCK AVE SDES MOINES, WASHINGTONWWW.DMFM.ORGTHANKS TO THE CITY OF DES MOINES FOR THEIR SUPPORTDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | SUMMER 2020 | 13'